Having been operating since 2018, Fastpay Casino very quickly acquired the status of a solid institution. The organizers provide their users with a wide range of financial transactions, instant payments and a huge range of gambling entertainment. Special attention should be paid to incentives for clients, namely, no deposit bonuses.


Features of no deposit rewards

One of the types of promotions that are often used at Fastpay casinos are no deposit bonuses. The administration of the institution charges them to its active users completely free of charge. A no deposit bonus implies the ability to win real money and withdraw it as quickly as possible in a way convenient for a gambler.

This generous gift significantly increases the level of user confidence and positively affects their perception of the virtual site. In addition, this type of promotion significantly increases the interest of guests and allows you to attract more newcomers.

Benefits of no deposit bonuses at FastPay casino

Unlike rewards for replenishing a deposit, Fastpay Casino no deposit bonuses are awarded to users as a gift for their activity on the site. There are a number of advantages that are characteristic of this type of service:

  • gamblers do not spend personal savings to spend their favorite leisure time;
  • clients can get additional experience and profit by activating their favorite slots for free;
  • a gift from the casino significantly increases the chances of winning.

Unlike other virtual establishments, the FastPay online platform does not limit the possibilities of its users and constantly supplements this type of rewards. Prizes like these can boost your mood, trigger an adrenaline rush, and help you get away from problems. the player is not afraid to lose and gets real pleasure from the process.

Basic information about no deposit bonuses

FastPay Casino

This type of incentives becomes available after registration and transition to the second level of the VIP program. The procedure for creating a personal account is quite simple and does not cause any difficulties even for beginners. It is also important after activation to enter your personal account and provide all the necessary information.

No deposit site promotions are provided only to active customers who participate in the loyalty program. Their number and size changes with each transition to a new stage of the VIP program. At the highest level, the bonus received is calculated individually for each client.

Before starting the game, you must carefully read not only the rules of the game, but also the bonus terms of the site. The most common gift from the casino is free spin Fastpay casinos , which involve a certain number of free spins in a particular slot. Each spin has an expiration date, and if the user did not manage to use the gift, all the funds won on it are burned out.

It is important to remember that by playing this way, the client cannot increase his rating, because Status Points are only awarded while playing for real money.

Types of no deposit rewards

Fastpay Casino does not offer its gamblers a no deposit incentive bonus for registration, but it constantly gives the opportunity to spin the reels of their favorite slots for free. The first such promotions become available upon receiving the second level of the VIP loyalty program. With each new level, the user receives an increasing number of free spins for the transition and as a birthday present.

Starting from the eighth level, the Fastpay casino no deposit bonus is provided in the form of an amount, which also continues to increase with a change in status. You cannot simply transfer funds to the card, tk. they must be played first. In addition, absolutely free of charge active clients can count on Saturday no deposit, which also begins to be provided from the second level of the loyalty program. Without a wager, customers can count on a monthly cashback received from the ninth stage of the program.

Level Up Reward

There are a number of rules that a client must take into account before using a gift from an institution. First of all, you need to remember that the wager for this type of bonus is x10 of the winnings from the free spin. Only then will the player be able to withdraw money from his personal account.

The FS number increases with the transition to a new level:

  • on the second, the institution provides 20 FS;
  • 3 - 50;
  • 4 - 100;
  • 5 - 150;
  • 6 - 200;
  • 7 - 300.

If the institution has not announced the cancellation, then the possibility of making a profit on this promotion is limited by a limit. The amount is 50 USD/EUR, in other currencies - CAD, AUD, NZD, NOK, PLN, JPY, ZAR, the amount is calculated in equivalent. With regard to cryptocurrencies, the situation is as follows: 0.95 LTC, 0.125 ETH, 0.24 BCH, 0.005 BTC, 22,000 DOGE. If the gambler succeeds in winning more, the difference will be written off to the maximum possible value.

After the eighth level, players receive this prize in the form of a cash bonus. The amount is:

  • 8 - 10,500 rubles, 150 EUR/USD;
  • 9 - 70,000 rubles, 1,000 EUR/USD;
  • 10 - 175,000 rubles, 2,500 EUR/USD.

In other currencies, the amount is paid in equivalent. Unlike the previous levels, in this case there is no limit on the size of the win. The wagering coefficient is also x10 of the bonus amount. It is important to remember that the system does not automatically accrue such a prize, therefore, you should report a change in your status to the technical support service to be able to receive the amount of funds. The technical support service icon is located at the bottom of the Fastpay casino official website , in the right corner of the screen.

Birthday bonus

Each client, starting from the second VIP level, receives this type of congratulation from the administration of the official website. The only condition under which it is impossible to receive it is the freezing of the personal account or the self-exclusion of the client. They receive a gift once a year and are credited on the birthday after the gambler contacts the technical support service. You can activate congratulations only on this day. The wagering coefficient for this gift is x10.

Condition - the total amount of bets since the receipt of the previous similar bonus must be at least half of the required number of points required for the current level of the player. The winnings limit is 50 EUR/USD, and for other currencies - NOK, CAD, ZAR, AUD, PLN, NZD, JPY in equivalent. For cryptocurrencies, the profit limits will be 0.95 LTC, 0.005 BTC, 0.24 BCH, 0.125 ETH, 22.000 DOGE.

Similarly with the reward for raising the status, the prize is awarded from the second level. Until the eighth, it is provided in the form of free spins, and after that - as a cash incentive. The amount of free spins and funds is similar to the reward for raising the status.

Free spins on Saturdays

When moving to the second level, customers can count on an additional gift - free spins on Saturdays. For successful receipt, you must fulfill the condition - in five working days, the gemler must make the minimum number of bets set by the institution.

The amount is 100 USD/EUR, 0.25 ETH, 0.01 BTC, 1.9 LTC, 0.5 BCH, 44.000 DOGE. The number of free spins increases with the transition to a new level from 15 to 500.